Long Distance Dating For Newbies

Have you ever found yourself living on the other side of the planet as the love of your life?  We currently are THERE as Chey is visiting her family in Florida, and Kim is home in Belgium. We also did this during our entire dating relationship. So, as huge proponents of Long-Distance Dating/Relationships ourselves, we wanted toContinue reading “Long Distance Dating For Newbies”

Traveling With Toddlers: How To Thrive at 10,000 Feet

Yep, we’re about to take the journey (AGAIN) that maybe some of you mom’s and dad’s have before and that is- traveling over 7,000 miles with a toddler!!! Ahhhh, did that make anyone else just cringe? Or grab for the puke bag? Wouldn’t it just be easier to travel that distance once he’s older? WeContinue reading “Traveling With Toddlers: How To Thrive at 10,000 Feet”

How To Thrive In Raising Your Kids In A Culture That Is Not Your Own

Raising your kids in a country that’s not your own? I SOOOO get that ’cause…me too! My husband is Belgian, and we live here in Belgium , but I’m American. Even though our son is being raised in a European culture, I don’t want him to miss out on his American heritage. We’re lucky, especiallyContinue reading “How To Thrive In Raising Your Kids In A Culture That Is Not Your Own”

6 Strange & Somewhat Creepy Christmas Traditions Around The World

Hey Friends! This year, we had the amazing opportunity to coach students that have heritages from over 6 different cultures. We wanted to honor them, and share with all of you, the different Christmas traditions that are done in our client’s countries and cultures around the world. Now, pull up a chair, grab some eggContinue reading “6 Strange & Somewhat Creepy Christmas Traditions Around The World”

This One Communication Shift Changed Our Marriage

“You’re just not LISTENING to me.” OUCH. If you’re married, chances are, you’ve heard this statement before. But, when you read it just now, how did you hear that in your head?Was this statement said with…Anger? Frustration? Contempt? Hopelessness? Kindness? Perhaps you heard it the way it’s been said to you before. Or maybe, you even heard it in theContinue reading “This One Communication Shift Changed Our Marriage”

Ho, Ho, Hooold the Drama! 3 Tips to Get Through a Stepfamily Holiday Season

Being a part of a stepfamily isn’t always easy. Where we can’t change most of our circumstances, what we can do is remain flexible, lay down some boundaries and focus our mind on the similarities in our families rather than all the differences and challenges.

The Biggest Mistakes Stepmoms Make On Transition Days – And How To Overcome Them

Do you absolutely dread “transition day?” Maybe you find yourself having thoughts like this: “Uh, oh. It’s here. How am I going to survive another one of these?” It doesn’t matter HOW many times you’ve been through it before but maybe you find yourself feeling upset to your stomach and stressed. The tears, the yelling,Continue reading “The Biggest Mistakes Stepmoms Make On Transition Days – And How To Overcome Them”

How To Get Through Hard Seasons in Marriage

You know those “seasons” that people talk about in marriage that are more challenging than others? Well, we are IN one. I’ve come on here not to “air” our dirty laundry, gossip or complain, but instead to share with you the reality we ALL as married couples face, or will face, and shed some lightContinue reading “How To Get Through Hard Seasons in Marriage”

3 Tips To A Healthier & More Positive Co-Parenting Experience

Come on…be honest. Did anyone else roll their eyes a little when reading that title? You wouldn’t be alone if you did. Even, I (Cheyanne), a TOTAL optimist, was a little skeptical when I began this post. It’s not that we don’t believe in healthy co-parenting. It’s more so that we, as coaches, have heardContinue reading “3 Tips To A Healthier & More Positive Co-Parenting Experience”

Cleyman Family Update!

Ah, yes, because really – IT WAS ABOUT TIME! I had to scroll back through our posts to check when our last FAMILY update was – and my jaw dropped when I saw that it was 8 months ago! December 2021! How does that happen? All moms reading this know it’s one simple answer: LIFE!Continue reading “Cleyman Family Update!”