Long Distance Dating For Newbies

Have you ever found yourself living on the other side of the planet as the love of your life?  We currently are THERE as Chey is visiting her family in Florida, and Kim is home in Belgium. We also did this during our entire dating relationship. So, as huge proponents of Long-Distance Dating/Relationships ourselves, we wanted toContinue reading “Long Distance Dating For Newbies”

Everyone marries the WRONG person.

Ever heard someone say this to you: “Ugh, I married the WRONG person.” Or, just maybe, you’ve also heard yourself say these words or THINK them inside your head. We’d like to radically combat that thought with the fact/thought that actually, you’re correct. EVERYONE DOES marry the wrong person. So, if everyone marries the wrongContinue reading “Everyone marries the WRONG person.”

To marry or not to marry?

To marry or not to marry? …is that even a question? There was a time in my life, before meeting Cheyanne, that I whole heartedly would have said: “No, that’s not even a question.” Meaning the answer is obviously a NO. Marriage was not necessary to me. But now, two years later, I still wholeContinue reading “To marry or not to marry?”

New challenges brought new levels to communication in our marriage

Life is good: You and your spouse are communicating well. There’s this beautiful flow and state of bliss in your relationship. And then – just when you think you got it – life has a way of humbling you, right? Do you know that feeling that when you THINK you “know” something, you’re very quicklyContinue reading “New challenges brought new levels to communication in our marriage”